Baby in danger

I swear, I had this post written up and ready to go yesterday, but it slipped my mind! Sorry for the delay in news (good thing I’m not a news agency, eh? You’d be getting the news with a 2-day delay). Two days ago, radio MC Ángel Pedro “Baby” (pronounced b-ah-by, not b-ay-by) Etchecopar and his family were assaulted by three robbers in their home in San Isidro, on the outskirts of Buenos Aires.  Baby’s son was approaching his home when three robbers got in the car and forced him to go in his father’s home at gunpoint. Baby was shot in both legs, which caused an exposed fracture, as well as in the lower back. His son was shot three times in the thorax, and one bullet perforated his lung. Both are in the hospital in San Isidro. Also at home were Baby’s wife and pregnant daughter, both (due to the lack of news) seem to be fine physically. One of the assaulters was shot and killed, while the other two got away in Baby’s Mercedes (which was later found abandoned in the surrounding San Isidro area).

Baby’s family was assaulted just four years ago in the same house. Being rich in Argentina comes at a heavy price. If you don’t know who Baby is, don’t fear, as I had no idea who he was until I saw the news yesterday. Baby conducts a talk radio program called “El ángel de la medianoche” and is known for being a total douchebag MC (in no way am I trying to be disrespectful). He is very opinionated and insults most of his callers, and usually hangs up on them.

Baby is also an actor. Sort of. He starred in a television series about cops called “Contrafuego,” which was so terrible that it only aired…six episodes total. I must say, I watched a good minute and a half of an episode and it was BAD. Terrible acting, effects, everything. It was actually quite funny. Sadly, it wasn’t meant to be a comedy. In fact it had some major production—nearly 2,600 different shots and the work of 28 different editors in just the first episode!

This morning as I was getting ready for work, I saw another robbery in Belgrano that happened yesterday. It was another famous person’s house—and this time, it was filmed. These three normal-looking guys (they weren’t wearing sports gear, caps, or any glow-in-the-dark piercings) walked into the house with a key, and left a few minutes later, carrying a duffel bag.

Sadly, robberies happen constantly in big cities, but they only make the news in BA when it happens to famous people. Last week I was nearly robbed in the street by a 10-year old girl. You gotta watch your step and be aware of your surroundings. Like Mad-Eye Moody (if you don’t understand this, you are in dire need of a large dose of Harry Potter) used to say, CONSTANT VIGILANCE!


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